FF#4: Moon

Moon is a slow-paced SF movie about a man going slowly insane with loneliness because of his three-year solo assignment on a largely-automated mining moonbase. It’s reminiscent of 2001 and Solaris.

I had seen a trailer for the movie which showed a couple of key scenes that made it obvious what was going on. I had hoped that the trailer was deliberately misleading, but no. It wouldn’t have mattered much anyway – anyone with a SF background would have no trouble working out What’s Really Going On early on, which is a shame.

Still I enjoyed just sitting back and watching the moonbase operations. They ranged from spot-on (the lunar buggies) to believable (the spacesuits and airlocks) to unlikely (mining rigs looking and operating like combine harvesters) to flat-out wrong (Earth high in the sky despite being on lunar far-side).

A good movie for space geeks looking for some realistic (ish) moonbase action, but not I would imagine of much interest to others.

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