These Boots Were Made for Bloggin’

So that’s just what I’ll do.

In my never-ending quest for good footware fit for a vegetarian, I have recently discovered to my delight that SAFE run a cruelty-free shop in Auckland with a web order form. I ordered some shoes from them, and they arrived today:

The uppers are made of hemp. So why did I order this particular style? Well, because it was either this style or the other one :-) .

The crowd who make the shoes, Blackspot, are serious about their activism. They are not actually a vegetarian outfit, but an anti-Big Business organization. With the shoes came a numbered certificate naming me a shareholder in their anti-corporation. Among other things, the certificate says:

“The anti-logo, hand drawn on the side of your blackspots, is a symbol of resistance against multinational hyper-branders like Nike that, over the past few years, have come to dominate so much of our lives. The red tip, hand painted on the nose of your sneaker, is for kicking mega-corporate ass and transforming the sneaker industry, and indeed capitalism itself, into more diverse, grassroots affairs.”

They foresee the anti-corporation movement eventually (and somewhat paradoxically) becoming a big player:

“Imagine: an independent blackspot music label that cuts into Big Music’s share. Or a chain of blackspot restaurants that takes business away from McDonald’s by serving only locally-produced food.”

Interesting stuff.

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